About Us

El Meem Factory was established since 2009 as a factory specialized in manufacturing corrugated cardboard, offset printing and even large sizes 120 * 160 cm.

Over more than of ten years, quality has remained a key feature of all the company's products. It expanded its operations to become one of the largest companies in the field of printing and cardboard.

Quality is the culture pursued in all sections of the company starting from the decisions of the Board of Directors and even the implementation of the products, which led to the application of strict standards for quality control in all transactions and purchasing, and is always keen to develop the professional skills of employees and workers.

Consumer essence of our attention:

The strategy of the El Meem Factory for printing and cardboard is based on the growth of its business with the consumers and the fulfillment of their desires through the provision of high quality materials, which necessarily leads to the goals of the parties.

In a competitive industrial society, we strive to be trusted and to be your first choice- because we excel in innovation, flexibility and trust in dealing with customers through employees well trained in the art of dealing.  
Our vision is to be el Meem factory the leader in the field of printing and cardboard by adding a new generation to the production lines to increase the competitiveness and time competition to reach it.