About Us

El Meem for printing and carton is manufacturing company located in Egypt specialized in printing, carton and packaging industries Established on 2009 and specialized in manufacturing all types of corrugated board for local or export use.

We are one of the leading manufacturers a wide variety of Industrial Packaging Products including Corrugated Sheets, Carton Boxes, Our conglomerate range has attained the maximum satisfaction of our clients by offering supreme quality to the ever growing needs. Our expandable range of products is acknowledged for remarkable features like dimensional accuracy, strength and Eco-friendliness. These cater to the needs of various industries such as Large Agriculture Chains, garments, electronic and home appliances.

Our Professional Team from quality control, Quality Assurance and Quality Analysts ensure that our manufactured range is high on quality and is as per the needs of the clients, international standards and also saving the environment.

Our Mission

In a competitive industrial society, we strive to be trusted and to be your first choice because we excel in innovation, flexibility and trust in dealing with customers through employees well trained in the art of dealing.

Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of corrugated products in a manner that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations and requirements. The way in which we achieve this allows us to remain profitable but also economical, enabling us to provide our customers with innovative and solid packaging solutions.

Our Vision

El Meem vision is to lead the way as an independent corrugated packaging manufacturer providing an overall quality driven packaging solution that other manufacturers aspire to. By building long term relationships that are both rewarding and beneficial to all involved, we are dedicated to a culture of uninterrupted development. Offering opportunities to all our team experts to expand their existing skills and undergo personal development, we believe in building a strong workforce throughout the company to create a great work ethic and contentment.

Co-Founder & CEO Message

With the pace of life accelerating with each day, some of the most agile firms of yesterday are not able to keep up today. And of course, Organizations which are faster, improving and developing than the rest of the regional market sector in their own countries become trusted and known in the international arena. Within these changing dynamics, we carry out our work driven by the vision to accomplish what it takes both to earn a rightful place in the international arena through quality-based brand recognition, and to achieve leadership while continuing to deliver the fast, innovative and superior quality for which the company is known

El Meem aims providing our customers with products delivered on time, at the highest quality, and at the best possible price. In line with this target, we are constantly investing in both production and system processes. Even in 2011, when the Printing and packaging sector was going through serious difficulties, we did not back down from our efforts at continue progress and we continued to invest. At the same time, we purchased new machinery for our factory production line, which served to speed up our production process and increase our capacity with highly perfect quality

In terms of our future vision, we aim to sustain the stable growth that we have attained thus far, while also increasing our market share by reaching out to new customers, either in Europe, Africa and other continents.

We would like to thank everyone for loyalty and support: our employees, lending their help every step of the way as the company advances and evolves in the fields of sectorial and international brand recognition, in light of all we’ve achieved together through team work, as well as our customers. We look forward to bringing even better news and developments in the upcoming years.